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Welcome to GCVS

Our facility is conveniently located just off I-275 in Wilder, Kentucky, off the AA Highway. We are minutes from Downtown Cincinnati.

We have many wonderful general practice veterinarians in our tri-state area, however, as in human medicine, there may be a time when your veterinarian recommends that your furry friend see a veterinary specialist. GCVS can help.


The Greater Cincinnati Veterinary Specialists, or GCVS, as we are also known, is a referral only hospital for veterinary specialists that also provides urgent care doctors and staff for after hours care. At GCVS, our referral veterinarians are all board-certified in their field.


Your primary veterinary may consult with one of our specialists before determining whether or not your pet needs to see us. GCVS is a family owned practice where we can provide personalized care for your special companion.


Our specialists are on call on weekends and holidays to provide services within hours of being seen by the veterinarian on duty, if needed. 


At GCVS, we are proud to provide you with the highest level of veterinary medical care.

Please see our Facebook page for the most up to date information for Urgent Care scheduling.

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